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Lots of directional radio antennas power o2's 4G sector antennas, that are on top of a high building close to the end of Kitzingstraße, Mariendorf. It gained a second antenna per sector for Band 3 in mid-2019. In early 2020, [[262 1 137594|Commscope antennas]] show up at the here vacant masts no longer used by E-Plus, in order to eventually go live as a [[262 1 137594|Telekom site]] in very early 2021.
View from the south/south-east:
Seen from the south-west at Trachenbergring:
Seen from the north at Lankwitzer Straße:
Seen from the west at Haynauer Straße 56:
...compared to an old photo from March 2019:

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