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Vodafone and [[234 10 523190|O2]]

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Vodafone and O2


18.1m tower


165m SE of St Marys Chapel, Teiges Hill Road, Brookeborough, BT94 4EU in the townland of Lismalore


54.3160085, -7.3984981


Vodafone mast viewed from Tanyard Lane, Brookeborough

Planning references

  • LA10/2016/0002/F - Proposed removal of existing lattice mast, 2 no. omni antennae and 1 no. cabinet and replacement with a 15m lattice mast (overall height of 18.1m) 3 no. antennae, 2 no. radio dishes, 2 no. equipment cabinets and associated works. | Existing mobile phone mast 165m SE of St Marys Chapel Teiges Hill Road Brookeborough BT94 4EU