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3 Huawei 4x4 B1, B3, B20, B32
<span style="font-size:1"><u>'''eNB 10390 Information'''</u><br>
'''Operator''' | ''Three UK''<br>
As of Nov 19, No sign of 5G equipment yet.
'''Vendor''' | ''Huawei''<br>
'''Bands''' | ''Band 1, 3, 20, 32 + n78''<br>
'''Mast Type''' | ''Macro / Lattice''<br>
'''21st Sept 2019'''<br>''Huawei Re-build.<br>-- B1 and B32 carriers added. 4x4 MIMO added.''<br>
'''7th June 2020'''<br>''4x4 MIMO removed resulting in 2x2 MIMO.''<br>
'''5th July 2020'''<br>''256QAM Enabled (Originally 64QAM only).''<br>
'''30th Nov 2020'''<br>''3x 5G Antennas Installed.''<br>
'''22nd May 2021'''<br>''5G Activated. Backhaul upgrade still required.''<br>
'''1''' | Backhaul limited. Awaiting upgrade.<br>
''Information correct as of 11th July 2022''</span>

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eNB 10390 Information
Operator | Three UK
Vendor | Huawei
Bands | Band 1, 3, 20, 32 + n78
Mast Type | Macro / Lattice

21st Sept 2019
Huawei Re-build.
-- B1 and B32 carriers added. 4x4 MIMO added.

7th June 2020
4x4 MIMO removed resulting in 2x2 MIMO.
5th July 2020
256QAM Enabled (Originally 64QAM only).
30th Nov 2020
3x 5G Antennas Installed.
22nd May 2021
5G Activated. Backhaul upgrade still required.

1 | Backhaul limited. Awaiting upgrade.

Information correct as of 11th July 2022