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This freestanding but protected mast is located next to the hockey field next to the "Eisbahn" in Lankwitz. Followed by eNB ID eNB ID 105050, in early 2021 this site was reconstructed as the first 5G-Massive-MiMo site in the east of Steglitz-Zehlendorf.

Seen from the east:

P9171046.JPG 111192DT-e-2.jpg

East- and South-east-view of the panels, zoomed in:

111192DT-5G-Lankwitz-e-zoom.JPG 111192DT-5G-Lankwitz-se-distant.JPG

The top of the tower seen from south-west:


Shot from the ground standing west:


Zoomed out, standing north-west: