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The mast, that all providers share, seen from the west at Doldenweg, in front of Vodafone's directional radio tower:


Vodafone uses 5G-DSS enabled Commscope antennas that in July 2020 replaced the old triple-antenna-setup, mounted at the second level of the tower. Around the following turn of the year, Massive MiMo Panels were added at the lowest position. o2's eNB ID 22443 and Telekom's eNB ID 104781 sit at the top level.

frequency bands
Band Frequenz + MHz
B1 2100 MHz @ 10 MHz
B3/N3 DSS 1800 MHz @ 20 MHz
B7 2600 MHz @ 20 MHz
B20 800 MHz @ 10 MHz
n78 3600 MHz @ 80 MHz / 4x4 MiMo

View from the south-west:



View from the south-east:


View from the north-east:



Old triple-antenna-setup (limited to 2CA with Bands 1 and 20):


Since the 4CA upgrade this is Vodafones best performing 4G- and since the addition of Massive MiMo Panels the first true N78-site, in Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg.

Photo 2020-11-11 19-17-08.jpg