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Cell 16:<br />
Cell 16:<br />
U2 Jungfernstieg
U2 Jungfernstieg, Gänsemarkt

Cell 17:<br />
Cell 17:<br />

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This is one of the two eNodeBs for Hochbahn LTE in the underground. The cells operate at 1800 MHz with 20 MHz channel width.

Cell 8 serves the following stations (and the tunnel sections in between):
U1 Jungfernstieg
U2 Messehallen, Schlump

Cell 9:
U1 Stephansplatz, Hallerstraße, Klosterstern

Cell 10:
U1 Steinstraße, Meßberg
U3 Hauptbahnhof

Cell 16:
U2 Jungfernstieg, Gänsemarkt

Cell 17:
U1 Hauptbahnhof
U2 Hauptbahnhof, Berliner Tor

Cell 18:
U1 Lohmühlenstraße, Lübecker Straße