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''Antennenmodellː Kathrein 80010868''
''Antennenmodellː Kathrein 80010868''


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2Gː GSM-900MHz

3Gː B1-2100MHz Deaktiviert, Refarming ausstehend

4G[Rev2]ː B3-1800MHz 20MHz, B20-800MHz 10MHz (Max-Speedː 270MBit/s)

Technikː Nokia Flexi BTS

Telekom eNB150858

2Gː GSM-900MHz

4G[Rev3]ː B8-900MHz 5MHz, B20-800MHz 10MHz (Max-Speedː 135MBit/s)

Technikː Huawei RRU (SRAN)


Antennenmodellː Kathrein 80010868