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'''T-Mobile antennas on bottom''' [https://www.ladbsservices2.lacity.org/OnlineServices/PermitReport/PcisPermitDetail?id1=20026&id2=30000&id3=00390 LADBS Permit] <br>
#REDIRECT [[310_260_95521]]
[[File:20210521153813_IMG_0593_(1).JPG|400px]] <br>
'''Previous T-Mobile antennas''' [https://planning.lacity.org/pdiscaseinfo/document/MTk2ODk40/03b6cd7a-61f3-4d27-8bc5-9bb6e20119bc/pdd City Planning] <br>
[[File:AMdLsdr.png|400px]] <br>
'''Previous² T-Mobile antennas''' [https://goo.gl/maps/9VV5EWnujKkBAsLe6 Street View] <br>
'''[https://planning.lacity.org/pdiscaseinfo/search/encoded/MTU0NDcz0 Previous MetroPCS city planning records] <br>

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