310 410 241249

eNB 241246, 241247, 241248, 241249, 243330, 243351, 243352, and 243353 all originate from this "Cell on Light Truck" portable cell site parked adjacent to Summit Drive in Forest Park, St. Louis. These sites are only on the air during part of the month of September for an annual event; the truck will be moved and stored (or deployed elsewhere) until the following September. This particular arrangement was seen and mapped in 2022; it will be similar but possibly not identical in future years.

241246-241248 originate with the white Matsing ball. 243351-243353 originate with the blue Matsing ball which is painted to look like the AT&T logo. 241249 is the horizontal panel aimed opposite the white Matsing ball. I am unsure as to which antenna transmits 243330 but think it may also be part of the blue Matsing ball.

ATT 241249.jpg