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Log of CellSiteSimulators of Honolulu - Movements & Locations Happy Saturday all, I am creating this page to show the prevalence in Honolulu of the usage of illegal cell site simulator devices, capable of hacking all devices within its range, forever, unknown to the owner of the device.

The FBI are under the impression Honolulu Police Department deals with such matters, and the Honolulu Police Department believe these crimes are more suited to the FBI's capabilities.

Which means, of course, no one is watching out for such threats posed to ALL US citizens in Honolulu who are blissfully unaware they have active cell site simulators surrounding them daily, monitored and controlled by local criminals.

Therefore it remains an open question, since law enforcement clearly don't have their eye on this ball, whether ( & if so, how many of ??? ) these devices are operated by hostile foreign actors, using them to collect intelligence on the movements, locations & communications of high value targets and their families.

Another threat posed is the easily aquired kompromat material.

Consider the perils of a hypothetical Matt Gaetz - type character in Hawaii's political structure, and the high komoromat value images, audio & communications data their hacked cellphone could EASILY aquire, with a single, rogue, undetected cell site simulator.

In the hands of a Russian, Chinese, North Korean , Venezuelan, Cuban Iranian operative, posing as a tourist.

Sounds to me that exceptionally plausible scenario could potentially pose a significant threat to national security.

So here we go....