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4 December 2021

     05:13  Spectrum Allocation by Country diffhist −52 Joshuarshah talk contribs Undo revision 69725 by Chucky02 (talk) Tags: Blanking Undo

3 December 2021

     06:23  Spectrum Chart diffhist −8,833 Chucky02 talk contribs Undo revision 69535 by Dv42 (talk) Tags: Blanking Undo

2 December 2021

     03:35  Talk:Spectrum Allocation by Country‎‎ 10 changes history −1,802 [Jrmobilitytt‎ (2×); Joshuarshah‎ (3×); Dl958‎ (5×)]
03:35 (cur | prev) −1,802 Jrmobilitytt talk contribs Blanked the page Tags: Blanking Undo
03:30 (cur | prev) +1,802 Dl958 talk contribs I suggest you do some reading about what "Wiki" means. This is not your personal website, or "your" page. Anyone is free to edit any page here. That's literally the purpose of Wikis. It's extremely strange for you to get upset at people editing "your" page on a public Wiki. That's the intended purpose of Wikis... Tag: Undo
03:21 (cur | prev) −1,802 Joshuarshah talk contribs Undo revision 69514 by Dl958 (talk) Lol I am not a hypocrite so I am not gonna be doing that. But you do enjoy your day wherever you are. Tags: Blanking Undo
03:16 (cur | prev) +1,802 Dl958 talk contribs You're welcome to edit anything you want. Again, you don't seem to understand how Wikis work. It's not "my page" or "your page". Anyone here is free to edit ANY PAGE on this site. Why is that so difficult for you to understand? If you don't want people editing your pages, don't use a Wiki. Go host your own website and you can publish anything you want. This Wiki is not your personal blog. Tag: Undo
02:59 (cur | prev) −1,802 Joshuarshah talk contribs Do you have a problem with me living in T&T. Broski get a life. Ik JR and I support him on YT. You're a hypocrite. You have more than one account on this site yet you are accusing others of doing this. You are a sad sad man but anyways you enjoy life with your toxic attitude. I'm sure your mom must be proud of you. I would like to see your reaction if I were to change SMR to E-CLR on Spectrum Chart but I wouldn't do that because I am not a hypocrite like you. Good day to you Mr. Dv42. Tags: Blanking Undo
02:45 (cur | prev) +1,802 Dl958 talk contribs "He" is obviously you lmao. You appear to be attempting to start some sort of YouTube/Twitter channel for yourself called "JR Mobility". Unless you expect me to believe it's just a coincidence that you both live in Trinidad and Tobago? Lmao Tag: Undo
02:22 (cur | prev) −1,802 Joshuarshah talk contribs I hope you're happy. It seems like he has deleted the article. According to what you have said then I should go onto your page and "contribute" since i'm free to edit any page I want on here. I've noticed that you accussed Jrmobilitytt and I of being the same person. I find that very funny since you are pretending to be someone else but we all know that you are Dv42 even if you keep denying it. You are just a big hypocrite and I don't think anyone has the energy to deal with you. Have a good day Tags: Blanking Undo
02:14 (cur | prev) +1,802 Dl958 talk contribs Whether what I said is right or wrong is not a matter of opinion. Facts aren't up for debate. Something is either correct or incorrect. There's no in between. If you're not interested in facts, I don't understand the purpose of your page. In case you didn't know, this is a Wiki. That means it's not "your page". Anyone is free to edit it and contribute, just like you're free to edit any page you want on here. You don't appear to understand how Wikis work. Tag: Undo
01:21 (cur | prev) +1,802 Dl958 talk contribs Repeating over and over that I'm wrong doesn't actually make me wrong. I can see you're very emotional, but nothing I said has been incorrect, and I provided sources for everything I said. Again, no idea who "Dv42" is. Tag: Undo
00:30 (cur | prev) −1,802 Jrmobilitytt talk contribs Undo revision 69488 by Dl958 and that's good for him but i'm describing what your doing. I have not accepted your suggestions as they are wrong and instead of leaving the issue alone you are constanly coming back to this page and basically crying like a little girl who cannot get her way. What else do you want me to say. You have said as Dv42 that you're working on another page so i suggest you keep editing there and leave this one to me and the others. Tags: Blanking Undo

1 December 2021

     23:53  Talk:Spectrum Allocation by Country‎‎ 4 changes history 0 [Jrmobilitytt‎ (2×); Dl958‎ (2×)]
23:53 (cur | prev) +1,802 Dl958 talk contribs It's plainly obvious that you're the same person, because your "go cry somewhere else" comment is identical to one that u/Joshuarshah wrote on Reddit. Tag: Undo
17:02 (cur | prev) −1,802 Jrmobilitytt talk contribs Undo revision 69464 by Dl958 (talk) That is a very serious allegation. Just because you are guilty of something doesn't mean that others are. Just because you cannot have your way does not give you the right to lie. Please go cry somewhere else. Your drama isn't welcomed here. I've addressed all of your concerns already. Tags: Blanking Undo
14:58 (cur | prev) +1,802 Dl958 talk contribs I see. It's obvious that you and the other account are the same person. Nothing I said here is "false". Everything I said is correct. Tag: Undo
04:16 (cur | prev) −1,802 Jrmobilitytt talk contribs Undo revision 69433 by Dl958 (talk) While I am the authoer of the page, I have to agree with Joshuarshah. It's obvious that you're user Dv42 aand Ive dealt with your false concerns already :) Tags: Blanking Undo