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Couple points in favor of the State Farm site:

1) The Sprint hardware has not yet been converted over to T-Mobile. This is a band 2/66 site, not 25 or 26. When Sprint is converted, those frequencies will be on a separate eNB as is the norm with Sprint to T-Mobile conversions.

2) The Band 66 alpha sector (sector 1) was logged just south of 84th and O on 84th Street; then while still adjacent to the State Farm building coverage switched over to sector 3 which is typically west or southwest facing in situations where the alpha sector is north or northeast facing. The signal strength was -84 dBm, a strong signal on Band 66. This tells me that the tower is very close to that location, and just to the east. This would either be the tower by State Farm, or another location very close (likely within 1/4 mile). I know of no other location nearby that would fit.

I should be able to check it out for myself and drive around the immediate area in a couple of weeks. -nelsonjw

01:25, 9 March 2022 (UTC)01:25, 9 March 2022 (UTC)

Regarding point 1, if the Sprint hardware has not been converted to T-Mobile, the site would not broadcast a T-Mobile signal at all. When a site is converted, the B41 and B26 signals go away, they are no longer broadcast at all since the Sprint equipment is removed. The site is switched over to solely T-Mobile, with some sites still broadcasting a B25 signal on the Sprint Keep PLMN (312-250). We still have evidence of a Sprint B26 and B41 signal being broadcast from this site, which indicated conversion has not happened. They do not leave the Sprint equipment behind when a conversion happens. - dkoellerwx

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