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Ericcson AIR 6449 UPGRADE (shot on: 7/30/21):
Primary shot.jpg
AIR 6449 SHOT.jpg
Ericcson AIR 6488 UPGRADE (shot on: 8/10/20):
RFS APXVAARR24_43-U-NA20 UPGRADE (shot on: 7/17/19):
IMG 20190717 091351.jpg
B12 w/ AIR32 and AIR21 (shot on: 5/XX/19):
B12 85728.jpg
2019 Close-up Street View
2021 Street View (AIR 6488)
CalEPA Record
Original city planning records for Cingular
More shots of AIR 6488 Upgrade
More shots of AIR 6449 Upgrade