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The triple-level pole with lampshades as I call them, is AT&T. The huge tower out front is Sprint.

This was an acquisition made by Sprint at the time I worked for RadioShack down the street at 5305 E. Colfax - now actually a Sprint store, after that whole merger/store closing/bankrupcy process happened. For my first year at this store in 2003, there was absolutely horrid coverage inside, and even outside. I dropped calls left and right.

Then it so happened Qwest 'Advanced PCS' sold their network assets to Sprint, along with their customerbase, as for a few years prior Sprint had been their nationwide roaming partner preference. Once Sprint turned up new antennas on that tower in about 2004 the coverage was perfect in Park Hill. I never lost a call again, for the time I continued to work at that store.

I will map the Sprint tower as close as possible to get a good triangulation as well as ATT :) You can see the tower and "lampshade pole" much better at street-view level on Leyden between 14th and Colfax.

Google Street View of Sprint tower out front; AT&T tower in back next to Orange Truck