515 2 130735

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Globe LTE and 5G NR installed on a apartment building. (August 14, 2023)

A cluster of 3 sectors in that area, broadcasting LTE1800 per sector.

Each sector has separate eNB IDs: eNB ID 330735

Location history

MOCN usage detected at August 8, 2021: Globe uses this Smart cellsite via MOCN.

Mind that the "first seen" dates are wrong, because the site had been mapped as fake data into the Globe layer in 2020 when there was no MOCN available.

As of August 2023, eNB ID 130735 are no longer MOCN. The orignally TAC/Region number is 39033, which now assigned current TAC/Region number is 17.

Details of Smart eNB ID 130735