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Here is CellMapper App Changelog and Checksums.

Android App

5.5.0 (2020-10-01)

  • 5G fixes
  • Android 11 fixes

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5.4.5 (2020-08-06)

  • Fix 5G SA Cell ID being cut off
  • Fix TAC missing on 5G SA Samsung devices
  • Update frequency converter with latest 5G bands
  • OP8 SA show some limited information

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5.4.3 (2020-04-23)

  • Read 5G NSA Cell Identity/ARFCN/PCI on some Huawei devices
  • Fixed error logging data points for providers with special characters in names (such as apostrophe or quote)
  • Fixed NR cells showing up multiple times
  • Fixes for Huawei phones

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5.4.2 (2020-03-17)

  • 5G Dual SIM fixes
  • Enable Hybrid map
  • MediaTek 2G/3G fixes for certain devices
  • Fix uploading on Bulgarian translation

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5.4.1 (2019-12-29)

  • 5G fixes
  • Android 10 missing data fixes
  • Fix dates being cut off in some languages

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5.4.0 (2019-12-18)

  • Tower map move/delete/restore support
  • Read 5G data from some Samsung with Android 10
  • Fix wifi auto upload on newer Android versions
  • Workaround for Android 10 NR info reading
  • Record SDL band data (certain phones only)
  • Workaround for Qualcomm bug for B71 showing up as B7 for neighbour cells for US providers
  • Fix error message displaying JSON instead of text
  • Tablet fixes
  • Fix curved screen edges cutoff off text in car mode
  • Workaround for Android bug for dates in German

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5.3.1 (2019-09-18)

  • 5G NR fixes for missing signal strength indicator
  • Disabled some options that no longer work for newer versions of Android
  • Flash LED when recording data

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SHA256: 6A9E1AC530175149F360F45151BCEED1C8DC62CA666814CC19918F050C5B6072

5.3.0 (2019-06-25)

  • Adds 5G NR info for Samsung devices on Android 8.0 / Recording of EN-DC NR (BETA)
  • Add 5G NR frequency calculator
  • Spanish language bug fixes and updated translations for various languages

If you are on a 5G device on a 5G network, please submit a debug report in order to help us better support 5G

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SHA256: c6127517a93818233f28982b9be8d3d5491c8cc4b52e61d03a9d5d4cadda8cd1

5.2.7 (2019-01-31)

  • Login fixes

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5.2.6 (2019-01-03)

  • Fixed login not working on some scenarios

5.2.5 (2018-12-12)

  • New Android 9 API to retrieve provider names for dual SIM devices
  • Display provider name per cell in dual SIM scenario
  • Fixed estimated band data not working
  • Upgraded libraries used by app
  • 5G NR initial detection support
  • Improve speed detection
  • Updated translations

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5.2.3 (2018-10-24)

- Add bandwidth to car mode (if available) - Reduce network usage on map screen


- UI bug (text/translation) fixes

5.2.1 (2018-10-20)

  • Added bandwidth speed recording
  • Target latest API level
  • Fix Essential Phone single digit MNC Android 9 bug
  • Many bug fixes

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5.1.7 (2018-3-15)

215 - SHA1



  • Fix B71 showing up as B7 on some faulty devices (Galaxy S9)
  • Updated translations

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5.1.6 (2018-2-4)

214 - SHA1



  • App Shortcuts added
  • Allow opening in-app map when clicking a map URL
  • Workaround for multi-PLMN networks displaying wrong PLMN (single SIM phones only)
  • Improved login check for > 7.0 devices

5.1.5 (2017-11-16)

212 - SHA1



  • Add search for location to the map
  • Remove field test screen reader due to Google demand
  • Disable forcing screen on when mapping CDMA and 2G recording disabled
  • Fix lines not drawing to tower for certain CDMA/LTE devices
  • Crash fixes

5.1.4 (2017-9-10)

207 - SHA1 (2017-10-29)




206 - SHA1 (2017-10-29)




205 - SHA1 (2017-10-25)




204 - SHA1 (2017-10-24)




203 - SHA1 (2017-10-12)




202 - SHA1 (2017-10-10)



  • Add LTE Band 72/74/75 support for calculator
  • Check login status more often
  • Fixed CDMA signal swapped with LTE sometimes
  • Don't ask for storage permission unless writing to CSV is enabled
  • Code cleanup and bug fixes
  • More translations

5.1.3 (2017-8-23)

201 - SHA1 (2017-9-6)




200 - SHA1 (2017-8-29)




199 - SHA1 (2017-8-24)




198 - SHA1




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  • Fixed offline map losing data
  • Added band selection for tiles on map
  • Added distance to connected tower on map
  • Fix Android O crash
  • Support more LTE bands (such as B71) in frequency calculator and app
  • Bug fixes and more translated text
  • Add setting for LTE timing advance adjustment

5.1.2 (2017-7-25)

197 - SHA1 (2017-7-25)




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  • Bug fixes

5.1.1 (2017-5-15)

196 - SHA1 (2017-7-11)




194 - SHA1 (2017-6-27):




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193 - SHA1 (2017-5-23):




192 - SHA1 (2017-5-17):




191 - SHA1 (2017-5-15):



  • Show provider name on car mode screen
  • Fix some dual SIM phones reporting bad network type for 2nd SIM
  • Fixed LTE-A not being detected on some devices
  • Fixed bad data recorded on some devices during handover
  • Bug fixes

5.1.0 (2017-4-12)

SHA1 (2017-4-18):


SHA1 (2017-4-12):

  • Tap to select country on map
  • Support more network types
  • Optimized for Android 7.1.1 (round icon, shortcuts)
  • App Shortcuts (WIP)
  • UI Improvements
  • Better filtering for bad data during handoff
  • Network subtypes now displayed for new API
  • Fixed missing provider name for dual SIM phones (new API)
  • Read DC-HSPA+ on some Sony devices
  • Add GSM Timing Advance
  • Implement new Android permission model
  • Make map clustering optional
  • Added more tower info per tower
  • Crash fixes
  • More translations

5.0.9 (2017-3-8)


  • Make data purging optional
  • Change upload icon to indicate both live upload and automatic upload on wifi
  • Open GPS settings dialog if GPS is not enabled/in correct mode
  • Prompt to user to contribute on first run
  • Detect LTE-A without using data
  • Towers now clustered on map
  • Bulgarian translation
  • Device specific fixes and crash fixes

5.0.8 (2017-1-31)


  • Fix OxygenOS killing CellMapper randomly
  • Purge uploaded data from local database automatically
  • Fixed upload wont work until app is restarted in some cases
  • Enable check GPS age by default (can be disabled under settings)
  • Fixed some translations (Estonian and Romanian) crashing during upload
  • Read LTE CA on Android 7.1 (if active)
  • UI fixes for bad data/rounding error being displayed
  • CDMA improvements (shows reported tower location on map) and removes LTE data mixed in

5.0.7 (2016-12-16)


  • Dual SIM visual improvements
  • Removed unused components to reduce file size/increase performance
  • Tutorial for new users
  • Frequency converter supports iDEN, CDMA, and LTE band 45,46, and 67
  • Car mode now immersive (hides system controls)
  • Many new translations to different languages
  • Performance improvements for cells page

5.0.6 (2016-11-16)


  • Frequency calculator added for GSM/UMTS/LTE
  • Many CDMA improvements/fixes
  • Fix screen reader crashes on Samsung devices
  • Fixed frequency calculations on cells screen off by few MHz
  • Root logcat reader wrong frequency read fix for Samsung devices
  • German translation

5.0.5 (2016-10-25)


  • Car mode
  • More translations
  • Wifi Auto Upload feature
  • Tower Search
  • Added estimated bandwidth for some providers
  • Fix for non-root Field Test reader relating to CA for Samsung devices / update rate
  • Field Test Reader reads NSG data now (2G/3G: Frequency, LTE: MIMO/Bandwidth/Timing Advance)

5.0.4 (2016-09-28)


  • Filter map towers by LTE band

5.0.3 (2016-09-19)


  • Enable 4.2+ CellID API by default on more devices
  • Disable legacy dual SIM support with new 4.2+ CellID API enabled (not compatible with one another) to fix OnePlus 2 and other devices

5.0.2 (2016-09-5)


  • Don't stop recording data in call (4.2+ CellID API only)
  • Fixed an issue with root Qualcomm method returning wrong frequency when switching form 4G->3G
  • Fixed frequency calculations rounding issue
  • Fixed up band names for 3G to better match industry standards
  • Fixed a bug on the user statistics page
  • Made some upload error messages more clear

5.0.1 (2016-08-24)


  • Fixed Exit notification button not working on some devices
  • Added the option to keep the screen on either bright or dim
  • Estimated bands now works for 2G/3G as well
  • Bug fixes relating to crashes
  • Fixed map showing dummy bands for some towers
  • Reduced the number of network connections for some features
  • Statistics on the side menu now update

5.0.0 (2016-08-22)

  • Major UI changes
  • Read frequency (2G - ARFCN/3G - UARFCN/4G -EARFCN) on Android Nougat
  • Faster data uploads and networking
  • Geofencing (exclude area from mapping automatically)
  • Map UI updates and stability fixes
  • More accurate Qualcomm frequency reading (root)
  • Account statistics in app
  • Many other bug fixes
  • Supports Android 2.3 and higher
  • Ads for helping fund further development of CellMapper

4.1.6 (2016-04-13)

  • Ability to read ARFCN/UARFCN/EARFCN on Android N Preview 2 (NPC91K and later)
  • Mediatek dual SIM fixes for older devices
  • Fix for debug reports not working on some devices
  • Allow disable 2G/3G/4G mapping.

4.1.5 (2016-03-29)

  • Ability to read Samsung / Nexus 6 field test mode data without root (must enable it under Android Settings -> Accessibility -> Services -> CellMapper Field Test Reader). Requires field test mode to be running on foreground to work
  • Fixed CDMA being logged as LTE on some devices that report both the LTE and CSFB network
  • GPS fix for some low-memory devices

4.1.4 (2016-03-01)

  • Fixed LTE PCI is always 0 on some Qualcomm based devices

4.1.3 (2016-02-22)

  • Fixed Nexus 6 recording invalid data issue
  • Fixed Qualcomm field test data showing for non-LTE networks
  • Options to show hex values instead of decimal
  • Updated CSV output to record frequency and PCI/PSC

4.1.2 (2016-02-12)

  • Add ability to read LTE Frequency on certain Qualcomm devices (root required)
  • Add estimated band for some providers (LTE for now, will support UMTS and GSM in future)
  • Display band in notification if EARFCN known
  • Made offline map better
  • Fixed crash when using field test mode on some Samsung devices
  • Removed upload dialog, now upload later runs in the background

4.1.1 (2015-11-9)

  • Fixed crash on map view when out of service
  • App now displays out of service
  • Improved login error text

4.1.0 (2015-10-28)

  • Fixed button backlight on more devices
  • Read more info from Samsung field test mode 3G
  • Fixed double notifications if Wear support is enabled on Android < 4.3
  • Add signal strength bars to map
  • Removed buttons from login form when already logged in
  • Fixed crash of "locally calculated" maps when no data is present
  • Fixed CellMapper running on background when when exited
  • Add cell info to map page
  • Add more info to Debug option
  • Add line graph per cell to graph signal strength over time
  • Fixed SIM card number not showing on some Samsung/Huawei devices
  • Move about dialog to Settings screen
  • Add send debug info to bottom of Settings screen
  • Try fix Huawei Dual Sim Support
  • Fix Samsung S6 / S6 Edge LTE PCI
  • CDMA fixes
  • Map UI tweaks
  • Retrieve EARFCN from rooted Sony devices (experimental)

4.0.9 (2015-6-11)

  • Added RNC-ID/BSIC to main display
  • Added full Cell Identity for UMTS on main display
  • Integrated account into side menu
  • Map now saves last location for faster startup
  • Map now saves last manually selected network as the default select for the Change Provider screen
  • Wear text legibility fix on lower resolution devices

4.0.8 (2015-5-17)

  • Fixed Nexus 7 (2013) wrong Mobile Country Code detected

4.0.7 (2015-5-4)

  • Fixed white buttons with no text on Account screen
  • Improved Finnish translation

4.0.6 (2015-4-5)

  • Added option to read data from Samsung Field Test mode. Requires root on 4.1 and higher (enable under Settings -> "Read logcat for Samsung Field Test data")
  • Require permission to "read log files" due to above
  • Support Samsung multi-window
  • Added Android Wear notifications and controls

4.0.5 (2015-3-5)

  • Fixed bad MNC reported on Nexus 7 3G (2012) when using new CellID API
  • Added Finnish translation
  • Add ability to log in/register in app to gain credit for mapping

Previous versions

  • Added option to start on boot
  • Fixed crash on main screen on certain devices
  • Fixed bug on some Huawei devices where signal reading was always -113 dBm
  • Dual SIM support for certain Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Samsung Duos devices
  • Major rewrite of backend code that deals with CellID information to support dual SIM and hidden APIs
  • New UI
  • Added First/Last seen dates on map
  • Fixed crash when enabling/disabling map
  • Improved map style with crisper fonts and graphics and fixed many visual issues such as tiles re-loading and OSM maps covering up coverage areas
  • Fixed bugs present in 4.0.1



  • Added Download and Upload Speed support




  • CellMapper Site Bootstrap theme updated to 4.0.
  • FontAwesome updated to 5.0
  • Added more icons to website.


  • New map started developing
  • Login on Freshdesk and Wiki now integrated to CM Account. One simple login to all site's.
  • Added LTE bands 48,67,68,69,70, and 71 to frequency calculator
  • Added Visual Editor on Wiki


  • New profile page.
  • Small improvements


  • New theme
  • Translations on website
  • Lots of bug fixes.


  • New design
  • eNB ID calculator
  • Change Password feature when logged in
  • Password Reset and registeration change's. Now required email verify.
  • New instructions


  • Big changes on register system: Email verification, now when create new account need verify email.


  • New band selection on webmap
  • Signal tiles per band on few supported providers
  • CSV upload closed due abuse
  • Login / Registeration small improvements


  • Login and logout improvements. Now login automatic redirect same place on map.
  • Timezone detection on map (Chrome and Edge)
  • Small bugs fixes


  • CellMapper migrate to new server. It not change generation process but now map is faster.



  • OpenStreetMap on our Cellular Map page removed becauce it's violates Googel maps APIs terms of service. 


  • Added LTE MIMO info to Cellmapper


  • Filter LTE-A only towers (under filters)
  • Display carrier aggregation Band and RX/TX frequency (for both 2nd and 3rd carrier)

1.9.2016 - 30.9.2016

  • Fix Edge support on map, now network selection first choice is 4G LTE.
  • Added "Only Show My Contributions" - feature
  • Added "Only Show Verified Towers" and "Only Show Unverified Towers" feature
  • Make url automatic refreshing with current settings and location.
  • Added Estimated Bandwith Feature


  • We've added a new feature to the map. You can now view tower move history by clicking "history" to the right of the last user to update the tower location.


  • Added CAT9 Support to Map. Before supported on Mobile Map. More info here.


  • Added green marker for moved towers


  • Made provider/country selectable by clicking/tapping on the country on the map
  • Tower search now searches all towers within the database (supports both decimal or hex notations)
  • Clicking on coverage now scrolls to cell info
  • Moved some filtering to server for faster response
  • Made tile loader faster
  • Added "Clear All" option to the map
  • Animated many transitions


  • Added band 65, 66, 252, and 255 to EARFCN calculator


New features on the website map, as suggested by users in this community:

  • Search by cell tower ID in current view
  • Select All/None for Regions and Bands
  • Count of towers per Region in the Regions section


  • UARFCN translation for band XXVI (26) and XXXII (32) now supported


  • Now all selected options, except regions, are saved when you use the "link back" functionality.


  • Now you can restore tower to the calculated location. There is a new button right below "delete towert" on side menu


  • Fixed unicode display issue on for network name




  • New filter on the map. Now you can display towers with Bandwidth information only. Bandwidth is currently only reported on rooted Samsung phones.


  • Site moved new server.


  • New feature: LTE bandwidth is now displayed on the map for rooted Samsung users.