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2Gː GSM-900MHz
4Gː B1-2100MHz 20MHz, B3-1800MHz 15MHz, B20-800MHz 10MHz (Max-Speedː 405MBit/s)
<big>'''Telekom'''</big> ''eNB109859''
2Gː GSM-900MHz
4Gː B1(DSS)-2100MHz 20MHz, B3-1800MHz [B3C] 30MHz, B8.900MHz 5MHz (Max-Speed: 495MBit/s)
5G: n1(DSS)-2100MHz 20MHz (Max-Speed: 200MBit/s)
Bands: LTE800 10MHz, GSM900, LTE1800 15MHz, UMTS/LTE2100 10MHz (bis zu 262,5MBit/s; weitere Betreiber an diesem Standort: Telekom eNB109859)

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