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'''Ericcson AIR 6449 UPGRADE '''<small>(shot on: 7/30/21)</small>: <br>
#REDIRECT [[310_260_85728]]
[[File:primary_shot.jpg|300px]] <br>
[[File:AIR_6449_SHOT.jpg|300px]] <br>
'''Ericcson AIR 6488 UPGRADE '''<small>(shot on: 8/10/20)</small>: <br>
[[File:YcMmJhL.jpg|300px]] <br>
[[File:3snuTe0.jpg|300px]] <br>
'''RFS APXVAA4L18_43-U-NA20 UPGRADE '''<small>(shot on: 7/17/19)</small>: <br>
[[File:IMG_20190717_091351.jpg|300px]] <br>
'''B12 w/ AIR32 and AIR21 '''<small>(shot on: 5/XX/19)</small>: <br>
[[File:B12 85728.jpg|300px]] <br>
[https://goo.gl/maps/wJKR3MbRNca7uhkn6 2019 Close-up Street View] <br>
[https://goo.gl/maps/VeZ56ip37qMPoijz7 2021 Street View (AIR 6488)] <br>
[https://siteportal.calepa.ca.gov/nsite/map/results/detail/522364 CalEPA Record] <br>
[https://planning.lacity.org/pdiscaseinfo/caseid/MTEyMjU00 Original city planning records for Cingular] <br>

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